Transit Van Tyres

29th, January 2016

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The first Transit van rolled off the production line in 1965 at Fords Langley plant close to Heathrow Airport, although the body shells were assembled at their plant in Southhampton. From 1965 to 2016 there have been many models and improvements to the Transit van, the first model being the mk1 from 1965 to 1978, the mk2 from 1978 to 1986, the mk3 from 1987 to 2002 and then the mk4 with vastly improved modifications. We then have the current day Transit van the mk5. In the early days the vans would come off the production line with 185x14 C rated tyres. When ordering any van tyre you should always ask for a commercially rated tyre, that is what the C stands for after the size. Many owners new to vans are not aware of this when they are shopping around, they tend to just ask the tyre retailer for the size only,  most professional tyre retailers should point this out. The transit van in later years moved to the fifteen inch rim, fitting the 195/70/15 C having the 5.5j rim with a 15 ET off set, this was throughout the1980s. As we move into the1990s there were more options as alloy wheels were introduced to vans the 205/65/16 C was probably the favourite option for most transit owners. With more choice in the alloy wheel industry there were many tyre options the 215/65/16 C or even the larger 235/65/16 C. There are many vans now running on even larger wheels, even up to 20 inch rims.



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