Avon CR85


High performance cars suffer just as badly – if not worse – as other types of car in winter conditions, and the CR85 is specially developed to cater for their needs.

Not only does the CR85 feature widely spaced and aggressively profiled tread blocks for carving through snow and then efficiently clearing it out of the grooves, the tread pattern has a central, circumferential rib to help sharpen steering response either side of the straight ahead position.

The directional tread pattern on this high performance winter tyre is heavily siped and its rubber formulation is high in silica, both of which help keep the tread blocks flexible enough in low temperatures to allow the CR85 to maintain peak handling performance and maximum traction. Rated with ‘Severe Snow Conditions’ and ‘M+S’ (mud and snow) symbols, the CR85 is a available in a broad range of wide, low-profile fitments for high performance cars.


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