Avon Ranger Sport


In recognition of the fact that the latest breed of 4x4s are more powerful and faster than ever, the Ranger Sport focuses most of its dynamic abilities towards on-road performance.

Especially well suited to the latest 18-20in fitments used as both standard equipment and extensively in the aftermarket, the Ranger Sport is a low profile, high performance tyre with an unbroken, zig-zag circumferential tread block to give it sharp turn-in characteristics when fitted to the front of the car.

Its square shoulders promote excellent straight-line stability, while the tread blocks around the shoulders are deeply grooved to quickly disperse water from under the contact patch area. It also has first-rate dry surface roadholding. Wide tread grooves provide resistance to clogging up with mud to give a small degree of off-road performance, but sporting on-road performance – up to speeds of 150mph – is where the Ranger Sport excels.


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