Avon Ranger A-T


With a 50:50 split between its on- and offroad performance, the Ranger A-T truly is an ‘All-Terrain’ tyre. Its tread features very aggressively profiled tread blocks with bold cutting edges and sufficient width in its grooves that it strongly resists getting clogged up with mud, and when it does can swiftly ‘self-clean’.

The tread blocks are also heavily siped – in off-road conditions this allows a degree of movement in the blocks that again helps them to clear away mud from the tread, aiding traction. On-road these sipes aid the Ranger A-T’s wet weather performance, as does its special rubber compound. Meanwhile its carcass construction is designed to create a very flat contact patch for even wear qualities. In some sizes the Ranger A-T is available with white outline lettering on its sidewall, and there are also fitments for light trucks.


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