Avon Supervan AV4


Because the life of a van can be a hard one, Avon’s Supervan AV4 and Avanza AV9 are specially designed to cope with harsh treatment. Each has a reinforced carcass construction to enable them to carry heavy loads, and both have a very robust rubber compound on the sidewall to help shrug off the sort of kerbing damage that’s an inevitable part of a van’s working life.

Both the Supervan AV4 and Avanza AV9 have tread patterns designed to efficiently channel water away from under the contact patch area and tread rubber compounds that successfully combine the need for good wet weather roadholding with long life. In addition, the Avanza AV9 is available with a speed rating of up to 118mph for some of its fitments, highlighting its strength as a good long-distance van tyre.

  • Long tyre life.
  • Robust sidewalls to cope with kerbing damage.
  • Excellent value.
  • Reinforced to handle heavy loads.
  • First-rate wet weather performance.

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