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Know your car exhaust system

In any type of combustion engine, an exhaust system will be needed to take fumes away from the engine itself and to vent them somewhere else. These fumes are the gases given off when fuel (petrol or d...
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History of the Range Rover

The genesis of this iconic vehicle began in 1951 when Rover began working on development of a larger, more experimental model compared to its established Land Rover Series. This new two-wheel-drive P4...
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Range Rover Tyre Offer

Range Rover tyres are on offer for the whole of May all sizes ranging from 16 inch to 22 inch, also Range Rover alloy wheels can be refurbished for as little as £45 per rim. please ring for a fr...
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Mail order your tyres online

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Transit Van Tyres

The first Transit van rolled off the production line in 1965 at Fords Langley plant close to Heathrow Airport, although the body shells were assembled at their plant in Southhampton. From 1965 to 2016...
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The history of the car tyre

 They say that, alongside fire, the wheel was one of man’s greatest inventions. Yet since the days of horse-drawn carriages, the basic structure of the wheel has been improved upon by the i...
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History of Garages in the West Midlands

The rise and fall of motor vehicle repair garages and petrol stations..The first garage repair stations started apearing throughout the country in the early nineteen hundreds, when automobiles first w...
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Winter weather is on the way

Winter weather is on the way and temperatures are set to drop in the days ahead. Make sure to check your tyres to ensure that they still have plenty of tread for the extra grip that will be needed....
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Winter Tyre Check

  All cars in the Walsall and Aldridge area are invited to go allong to City Tyre for a free winter safety check, we will check your tyres to see if they are legal check for any signs of wear. T...
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Cherished Number Plates

Cherished Number Plates for sale suatable for all tyre dealers wanting a private number plate for there vans or cars TY11 RES  £5250   TY13 RES  £5140  T111 YRE&n...
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