TSW Limit Alloy Wheels

From only £55.00 each plus postage and packing*

Manufacturer: TSW

Model: Limit

The Limit Wheel from TSW is a Six Spoke design with the spokes extending outwards from an apparently sunken hub. The spokes Dwell back in to meet the Wheel Rim. Available in 6.5 x 15 or 7 x 17. Liquid mercury in colour.



Limit Available Sizes:

Width   Diameter Price*  
6.50 x 15.00 £ 55.00 Details/Purchase
7.00 x 17.00 £ 85.00 Details/Purchase
* Allow £3.00 per wheel postage and packing.

* Mail order price subject to postage and packing charges. These will be confirmed prior to purchase.


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